How we do it

Design thinking underpins everything we do at Disruptors Co. No matter what we’re working on, we follow tried and tested processes. And this always begins with problems worth solving.

Finding the problem

Ideas are great, but without a clear focus on the problem you’re trying to solve, they can often miss the mark.

As such, we’ll spend a good chunk of time exploring, defining and articulating the exact problems you face in your business.

This is absolutely crucial to ensure that any ensuing ideas are directly tailored to address these pain points.


  • Four Actions Framework
  • Customised business canvases
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Resource locating and mapping
  • Value calculators.

Developing the strategy

Once we clearly understand the problems and pain points you’re experiencing, we’ll work with you to build and develop an appropriate strategy that meets them directly.

We’ll conduct in-depth research to provide robust insights on exactly where you and your business currently are placed. These insights will inform the development of a tailored plan on how to position your business for growth.

Specifically, they’ll help us set out where there may be new opportunities worth exploring – for innovation, product development, or entering new markets.

Strategy Tools

  • Market research
  • Data-based recommendations
  • Emerging technology and method mapping.

Building and developing the product

Identifying a problem and developing a strategy is one thing, but building a product is another thing altogether.

The diversity of our team’s expertise means that we won’t just help you with identifying and scoping a solution opportunity, but we’ll do the actual building too!

We can work as an entirely outsourced digital product development team, working in agile sprints to create your new product, or we can work as an elastic workforce, lending depth to your product development teams.


Product Tools

  • Agile sprints 
  • Agile tools and ceremonies (kanbans,
    burndown charts, stand-ups and retrospectives)
  • Your preferred technology infrastructure / stack
  • Proven systems for user / customer validation

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