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Branding in 2021 – Shifting Values in Branding

By Joanne Jacobs

As we get closer to 2021, many businesses are unsure where to take their businesses, and ensure business growth and opportunities in the new year. 

Regardless of whether you are a B2B or B2C enterprise, one way that you can reignite your customer base is by redefining your brand, particularly around your business values. In the last few years there has been a growing focus on the ethics and morality of companies and their activities. Customers no longer wish to be sold products from businesses that are not aligned with their values.

In order to ensure that your brand is relevant and remarkable in 2021, it’s important that your brand has clear alignment with your company values, and that this is well communicated with audiences. There are a range of different ways to shift your brand in 2021 to meet this growing customer preference. This post should give you a few ideas about where to begin with redefining your brand values. 


Focus on the Purpose of your Business/Brand

Make sure that the intentions and purpose of your business/organisation are reflected in your branding and messaging. As part of this, consider identifying causes that are important to your business. Customers may be more inclined to remember your brand if you hit a chord with a powerful purpose


Focus on the People/Customers rather than the product itself

Research your customer base and ensure that your brand reflects their ever-changing interests and needs. 

Being able to identify a clear customer journey, and express this to customers in a way that makes it feel as if that customer is them is a fundamental part of selling your product. That’s why storytelling around people is more valuable. It also is more reflective of the goals, purpose and intentions of your business. 


Have powerful branding/logo/imagery that resonates with customers

It’s no secret that people remember a powerful brand/logo and slogan. A good logo is different from the norm, and yet somehow is reflective of the product/service/aim of the business. Although it is not a new tip, a new logo is very emblematic of change within an organisation, and assists with shifting and reinforcing new perceptions of the brand.


Brand Events

One of the best ways to reaffirm your new values-based branding, is through the running and supporting of events that align with these causes. For example, if your brand has value focused on ending homelessness, consider running events in collaboration with NFPs that work in this sector, or launching a hackathon that works to address and solve problems. 

A company that is clear about, and actively supports causes it cares about, is one that generates trust. Redefining your brand around values is a solid and tangible step you can take to ensure you attract and retain customers in the post-Covid era – when community and care have never been so important. 

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