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Decoding the DNA of B2B SaaS Sales: How Many Touchpoints to Close a Deal?

By Gavin Heaton

It makes me smile when I see articles talking about “the fast moving world of [insert industry]” – but it is certainly true that the world of B2B SaaS sales is a moving target/feast/beast. This means aligning marketing strategies with business outcomes is the dance of precision and adaptability that we all need to learn.

At Disruptors Co, we collaborate with clients to refine their go-to-market activations, encountering the myriad challenges detailed in recent research. We’ve observed that fast-growing startups often struggle with establishing the content quality and marketing discipline needed to drive scalable outcomes, and often lack the data-level expertise needed to connect the human and business outcomes with the technology.

HockeyStack’s What Does it Take to Close a Deal report into the sales journey, reveals the nuanced interplay of touchpoints necessary to secure a deal and crafting a nurtured journey from awareness to “closed-won”. And our own experience reinforces exactly these challenges (and learnings) – strategy is key and data is essential.

From Impressions to Engagements: The Long Road to MQL

They say that first impressions count. In fact, we now know that it’s not just the first. It takes 700 LinkedIn impressions to make an impression. But it’s not just about being seen; it’s about initiating meaningful interactions. On average, transitioning a prospect from mere awareness to a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) requires at least 54 distinct touchpoints. These interactions span across various digital landscapes, highlighting the critical role of diverse and strategic content placement.

In marketing speak, we’d call this “omni-channel”. But the reality is that managing omni-channel communications is both costly in terms of spend and resources. So strategic choices and understanding your customer’s digital footprint is essential.

The Leap from MQL to SQL: A Tale of Increased Complexity

As we delve deeper into the funnel, the plot thickens. Converting an MQL to a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) isn’t just a step up—it’s a whole new chapter. This phase demands even more engagement, with 1068 LinkedIn impressions and a whopping 87 touchpoints. Why the increase? The sales narrative becomes more intricate as more stakeholders enter the scene, each adding their layer of considerations and approvals.
More importantly, the B2B sales environment often requires complex stakeholder management. So your “buying persona” or ICP is not one person. You are dealing with buying committees where each person has a role or agenda and different needs and motivations. Covering all these basis is quite a challenge.

Closing the Deal in B2B SaaS Sales: The Final Act

The crescendo of this complex symphony is the closing of the deal, which, contrary to expectations, involves fewer touchpoints than converting an SQL, averaging around 81 interactions. However, these touchpoints are highly strategic, tailored to navigate the final barriers of procurement and finance teams, often the gatekeepers in the B2B SaaS sales realm.

At the bottom of the funnel the focus is on velocity. Not only do you need to maintain these digital engagements, you need to maintain them each day. This means message visibility (ie paid, owned and earned media) needs to happen at least once per day per person as the decision gets closer.

Channeling Success: The Role of Strategic Retargeting

What emerges from HockeyStack’s analysis is a clear signal about the power of strategic retargeting. Platforms like Facebook and Reddit are not just touchpoints but powerful levers that, when pulled correctly, can significantly decrease the number of interactions needed to close a deal.

By understanding the unique behaviours and preferences of each stakeholder, we can craft more personalised, effective engagement strategies that propel prospects faster through the funnel.

Our modern B2B sales narratives are no longer a linear path but a dynamic, multi-channel journey. Each channel—LinkedIn, email, organic social, and more—plays a distinct role, contributing uniquely to the tapestry of customer interactions. We are seeing that mastery of this multi-channel approach isn’t just beneficial; it’s imperative for companies looking to streamline their customer acquisition processes and increase efficiency.

The road from initial impression to deal closure in the B2B SaaS sector is long and winding, fraught with challenges and rich with opportunity. But by mapping out and understanding the critical touchpoints in this journey, companies can choreograph a more effective sales strategy that not only engages but enthralls their prospects, guiding them seamlessly from curiosity to commitment. Sounds like the dream, right?

For a deeper exploration of these insights and strategies, check out the full article on HockeyStack’s insights into B2B sales touchpoints here.

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