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In this episode of the Disrupt Podcast, Gavin is joined by Rebecca Caroe.

We talk about marketing, social media, startups and the latest shift towards innovation and disruption in New Zealand and Australia.

Rebecca Caroe

Rebecca Caroe

Creative Agency Secrets

Rebecca specialises in strategic planning, go to market strategies and internationalisation for ecommerce.

Gavin Heaton

Gavin Heaton

Founder Disruptor's Handbook

Gavin is a marketing technologist, strategist and advisor. He is the founder of the Disruptor’s Handbook – a strategy and innovation firm that brings the best of startup approaches to the enterprise.

The Disruptor’s podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to.

Startups, small businesses, government and enterprises seem to play in separate spaces in both Australia and New Zealand. But what if it was easier to work together? What lessons has New Zealand learned that Australia can take advantage of … and how might they be applied?

Rebecca Caroe is a B2B marketing and CRM specialist with experience in Australasia, European and US markets. She delivers tactical digital marketing insight framed around a practical methodology which you will find easy to understand and take action. It’s a great conversation that sweeps through the last decade of digital disruption, social media and startups and sets the scene for the years ahead (hint – it’s all about networks).

Enjoy the conversation …

Connect with Rebecca:

The Disrupt Podcast is for innovators who work in business, government, technology or social impact. We believe that with the right tools, approaches and inspiration you can get scale your impact and our guests have the experience and expertise to help you do just that. You can listen online or subscribe via iTunes.

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