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A refresher on the mindSHIFT toolkit

By Gavin Heaton

Last week, we introduced you to the jewel in the mindSHIFT crown: the mindSHIFT toolkit. The toolkit is a practical and actionable process that allows you and your organisation to gain insight on how you’re aligned on the five key fundamentals required to respond to our disrupted world.

We knew that the unprecedented state of change we’ve all experienced meant an average survey or canvas just wouldn’t cut it this time around. So we worked long and hard on designing a simple, but detailed system with three specially designed and interrelated levels, each to be completed by different groups within your organisation.

When combined, you and your team will have an actionable roadmap to navigate our complex, but opportunity-filled future. We can’t wait for you to give it a go. And remember – if you need our help to utilise the toolkit fully, just give us a bell!

A deer in the (data) headlights

Now, using tools like the mindSHIFT toolkit is one thing. But actually putting their findings into action is another thing altogether. And let us just say, it’s not uncommon for organisations to venture down a change management pathway, only to sit on the data for ages. Because there’s no clarity on what to do with the ideas coming out of a process like the mindSHIFT toolkit, it can be hard to know where to begin.

But not to worry, we’re here to help.

Looking beyond the toolkit to implementation

Let’s think about the moment after you and your team have used the toolkit and you have established your alignment checklist. This has shown that you have great organisational alignment in some areas, and not so much in others. That’s all well and good, but how do you actually start addressing those gaps?

One of the most important things you can do is identify the low hanging fruit, or areas where you can make quick and effective changes to gain momentum. You should do this as soon as possible because small wins breed larger wins, and when you start to see the impact of those small changes, it can really help give you the boost you need for those larger changes which require more time, energy and resources.

Similarly, it’s fundamental to analyse the data in the checklist to identify where you and your team may run into stalling points in your implementation process. Identification of these points of failure at the beginning of the process gives you the opportunity to develop a plan to address them. Whether it’s the capacity to deliver a certain part of your plan, or whether you need some guidance in a particular vertical, you’ll be in a better position if you make sure you have the resources you need to actively address these gaps. And by doing so, you’ll simultaneously be building your organisational capacity, and increasing your likelihood of embedding the principles of a successful mindSHIFT in your workplace.

How to keep on keepin’ on

Once you’ve identified those opportunities and hurdles, another sure fire way to keep that progress and momentum rolling on is to assign accountabilities to each of the mindSHIFT streams. There may be crossover and interaction between these, and that’s okay. It can be easy to think that a single person should oversee all responsibilities, but splitting them out into smaller, actionable streams will be fundamental for swift action. What’s more, by clearly specifying who is responsible and accountable for each priority action, you’ll be giving your team the best chance for success.

The thing is, most of us know exactly what we need to do, we just require that little bit of structure to keep us accountable and on track. Hosting short, regular standup meetings to check in on the progress of your actions – as opposed to long winded, and often unproductive large-scale meetings – can be a really helpful way to keep you and your team focused on the priorities at hand.

On the surface, it might not sound terribly exciting to establish a regular, structured workplace cadence. But it’s often the key piece of the organisational puzzle that helps facilitate and activate innovation within teams. And when paired with the future focused visions of the mindSHIFT pillars, your team can activate a true mindSHIFT strategy, and capitalise on the boundless opportunities at hand.

How we can help

Just remember – here at Disruptors Co, we’re living and breathing the mindSHIFT day in and out. So if you’re seeing the value here, but realising you might need a bit of support to embed it into your work, we’re just a phone call away.

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