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The mindSHIFT toolkit

By Gavin Heaton

Over the past few weeks we’ve introduced the idea of the mindSHIFT in our regular blog posts. We’ve talked about the thinking behind the concept, and outlined the three primary disruptions of the mindSHIFT era. Most recently, we laid out the four core actions that businesses need to fulfil to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the mindSHIFT.

Mobilising your mindSHIFT

This week we want to show you how to get started with your own mindSHIFT. We know that the hardest part about adapting the way you think and work is knowing how to set a change process into motion, so we’re here to help.

Now, it’s worth keeping in mind the mindSHIFT is more than just a change of tools and resources. It requires new processes, new working methods and new ways of communicating. If you’re a little fuzzy on the details, the components of the mindSHIFT are:

S – Social and environmental impact

H – Humans not workers 

I – Impact over effort

F – Flexible working

T – Take anywhere technology.

So to get started with this journey, we need a way of looking at how we operate. We need to understand our values and ambitions, and we need to take a good, hard look at the way we work. On top of that, we need to think about how we communicate and connect. And lastly, we need to be aware of the affordances and limitations of the technology we use day in and out.

Navigating the new world

We recognise that embarking on any change journey can feel like a bit of a quest. An odyssey or adventure even? So to help you along the way, we’ve created a map, and we call it the mindSHIFT toolkit.

How mindSHIFT toolkit works

Many of you may be familiar with our lean business canvases and their ability to synthesise ideas on a single page. The mindSHIFT toolkit can be thought of as a cousin of these canvases; same origins, different manifestation. To capture the complexity of our post pandemic world, we’ve expanded the process into several interrelated components, which when combined, will capture the change experience of your entire organisation. At the completion of the process, you’ll have a full picture to help you prioritise and reimagine the way you work to achieve what matters.

  • The working life canvas has been designed to capture how the experiences, values and desires of individuals have changed as a response to the pandemic. Specifically, this is to be completed by individuals within a workplace working outside of leadership teams.
  • The workplace blueprint canvas helps to capture how the policies, cadence and strategy of a workplace have responded to a changing work environment. This is to be completed by leadership teams.
  • The final piece is the mindSHIFT alignment checklist, which provides a framework for organisational leaders to identify gaps and alignment between employee experience and workplace strategy.

By asking you to reflect on how you worked before the pandemic, how your processes have changed as a result, and how you would like to work in the short term future, the toolkit will help your organisation transition seamlessly into its future. Needless to say, if your processes are not working for you, our toolkit will get you to where you want to be.

The world has changed. You need to ask yourself if doing what you’ve always done is going to serve you in a changed world. If not, it’s time for you to think long and hard about what needs to change. While we know there are short term costs associated with change, these should be seen as an investment in the multitude of benefits that will come from a mindSHIFT.

Our gift to you

We give this mindSHIFT toolkit freely to you and your organisation. We’d love your feedback on how useful you found it, and what you discovered about yourself and your organisation when using it.  

Of course, we can also help guide you and your organisation to use the toolkit to deliver shared prosperity for the future of your organisation. We know how to coax ideas from teams, and we have a ready-to-go workshop ready with the mindSHIFT toolkit at its heart.

So just know we’re here to help. And so is the mindSHIFT toolkit.

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