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Putting Your Dreams Into Action with the Disruptors Dream Canvas

Following your dreams and setting a path for your future can be two of the most daunting things to tackle. It is often much easier for dreams to stay in your head, rather than plan to make them a reality. Right now, we have a lot of extra time to think about the future and all of the things we want to accomplish once the world returns to normal.

At the same time, businesses face the challenge of engaging their employees, balancing performance, mental health and sense of connectedness while supporting new remote working practices. How might it now be possible to support the ambitions and dreams of our employees in a tangible way – even while we work our way out of the space of pandemic?

Using the same approach that we take to some of our business focused tools and canvases, we developed the Disruptor’s Dream Canvas as a unique way to help individuals describe and visualise their dreams. It connects our own personal ambitions, passions or interests with the practical steps needed to bring them to life – all set out on a single page.

How it works – a practical example
I have always loved music and learning new instruments, however, as I’ve gotten older, it has become something that I have let go. I stopped pushing myself to learn new instruments or making the time for music, yet I continue to dream of learning the guitar. Using the Dream Canvas reignited my interest. The first two steps of the canvas challenge us to define a dream and describe its origin. I immediately thought of music.

Step 3 asks you to identify the first actions that you will take to begin working towards your dream. For example, in order for me to achieve this dream, I needed to purchase a guitar … and find some online lessons to guide and support me in the process (platforms such as Skillshare are great for this!).

Step 4 digs a little deeper and asks you to prioritise the commitments in your life and identify what you will sacrifice in order to achieve this particular dream. As Coronavirus has taken away any hope of socialising, I will mainly be sacrificing the time that I have to ‘chill out’ in order to achieve this dream. However, this seems like a worthwhile sacrifice if I come out of 2020 with a new skill and something ticked off the bucket list!

As this dream is still relatively new, my answer to Step 5, which asks you to detail what you have already started or failed when it comes to this dream, is quite brief. I have not done anything yet to actively achieve this goal. However, it is something that I have been putting off since the beginning of lockdown.

Step 6 focuses on the support system you have established to help you achieve this goal. This can be your family, friends with similar dreams, a coach or teacher. For me, it is all of the above…

Finally, Step 7 asks you to put into one sentence, the minimum achievable dream in 12-18 months. This can be anything you want, that you think is achievable for YOU.
‘By the end of 2021, I want to be able to play at least 10 songs, and feel familiar and comfortable with the standard guitar chords.’

After doing my own Dream Canvas, this specific dream felt more attainable and goal oriented and allowed me to create a plan for the next 6-12 months to achieve this dream. Download a blank Dream Canvas for yourself here.

What are you dreaming of?

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