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Panel: New Ways of Working in the Great Reset

By Gavin Heaton

There is do doubt that the ways that we work, live and build our lives has been interrupted by Covid19. But this interruption – or dare we say, “disruption” – has given us pause for thought.

Are we creating the business world we want to work in?

How does this/ impact work culture? What does it mean for our mental health?

Do our ways of working need to change to reflect a new reality?

What tools and technology can be used to imagine, create and shape a new business future?

This recorded panel of leaders working at the forefront of change and transformation features:

  • Dr Petrina Casey, Director, Health Policy, Prevention and Supervision, SIRA
  • Nadine Castle, The Culture Group
  • Wayne Slager, CollaborationACTION Network Resource Group (CNRG)
  • Joanne Jacobs, Disruptors Co (demo of TheAirWorks platform)
  • Gavin Heaton, Disruptors Co.



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