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Consult communities, engage audiences and create change with TheAirWorks

By Gavin Heaton

There is no doubt that COVID19 has changed the business consulting landscape. Gone are the workshops, whiteboards and post-it notes. Gone are the design thinking group activities and team building exercises like our favourite marshmallow challenge. In their place are a hotchpotch of video conferencing, collaboration and whiteboard solutions strung together by a facilitator wielding a mouse and an unbridled powerpoint presentation.

To overcome this challenge, many have made the switch to Microsoft Teams. It solves many of the integration challenges and appears to deliver superior video conferencing. Others have backed Zoom with its breakout rooms and solid live chat solution. And those with a strong digital heritage sing the praises of solutions like Miro or Mural – or even the Atlassian or Google suite to turn ideas into action.

Months into isolation, there’s still the feeling that something is missing. We are not only missing something in the technology – we are missing something of the humanity that comes from creative work. We are constantly reminded by the technology that there is something in the way – something between us.

But what if the only thing between us was Air? And what if we could put that to work. Just like oxygen keeps us powered in real life workshops, the technology of virtual meetings should BE the connection, not the REASON FOR the connection.

With this in mind, we have launched TheAirWorks – a new platform for those who need to consult communities, engage audiences and create change. We have built it to support both consultants and innovators who need to collaborate beyond their office and the communities and audiences that they work with. It includes:

  • Plenary video platform – set the scene and brief your attendees
  • Secure group work teampages – seamlessly break into collaborative spaces with integrated on-demand team video, chat and whiteboarding/collaboration
  • Cross-organisation access – don’t spend days unlocking and relocking your enterprise software – we provide a secure neutral space for people to work inside and outside your organisation
  • Facilitator greenrooms – secure control rooms where your facilitators can meet, plan and respond to feedback from participants. This is particularly useful for large events.

If you’d like to learn more – leave a comment and we’ll be in touch to setup a demo.

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