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In the 1990s, the internet promised much, but rarely delivered. Global connectivity, a level playing field for small, medium and large enterprises alike – a democratisation of knowledge, publishing, media and commerce – and more, was on offer.

The problem with the early internet wasn’t that there was no vision for the future – it was that the underlying technology was immature. Clunky. Half baked. But there was one thing that the early architects and innovators of the internet understood – the power of data.

Decades on, the internet is, for many of us, ubiquitous. And while many things have changed – the importance and the power of data remains constant. These days, data drives everything from social media and marketing to global supply chains, financial systems and systems of innovation. In the latest Let’s Talk Marketing podcast episode, EY’s Adam Fraser and I discuss the latest technology, approaches to corporate venturing and the importance of data in delivering market-driven innovation.

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