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Shaping the future of education in New South Wales

By Joanne Jacobs

Disruptor’s Handbook is excited to be an innovation partner of the NSW Department of Education in the  2019 Incubation stream Catalyst Lab Innovation Program. The objective is to develop, test and scale ideas from teachers that will improve education experience and practices. The theme of this year’s program is “ethical citizenship in the time of artificial intelligence (AI)”. Given recent developments in technology and communication practice, it is appropriate to be considering how the next generation will be impacted  by technologies such as AI, and how they can shape the society and workplaces of the future.

As part of the program, teachers from NSW schools have submitted their ideas to address the theme, and are undergoing a rigorous process of development and review, culminating in an eight week accelerator for selected ideas.

This is such an important program because it is bringing to the fore, an issue that needs much greater attention from everyone in the community. Overcoming bias in data is key to making appropriate decisions in all industry sectors. As a society, we need to be thinking about the opportunities as well as the risks of artificial intelligence. 

Disruptor’s Handbook is facilitating bootcamps, design sprints and the whole accelerator program for the Metropolitan South and Regional North areas of NSW. We look forward to leveraging our experience building the innovation capabilities of organizations such as Qantas, Siemens, Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies, MMG, and New Horizons, as well as government departments such as StudyNSW and Landcom in NSW, as well as the Department of Defence nationally.  

We are so proud to be helping shape the future of education in NSW.

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