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Unboxing Wellbeing

By Joanne Jacobs

Since 2018, we’ve been working closely with our ambitious client New Horizons to launch unboxd, the world’s first Wellbeing Enterprise Lab. The bold and urgent mission of the lab is to incubate and accelerate startups and businesses focused on enhancing people’s wellbeing.

Here’s a few things we’ve learned about wellbeing:

  • Wellbeing is about your whole life. While it might be easier to compartmentalise wellbeing into how you are physically, or mentally, we all know anecdotally that someone’s wellbeing is wholistic and really relies on all aspects of your life working together. New Horizons developed this framework “8 Domains of Wellbeing” which visualises all the aspects of coping, balancing, feeling, physically, living, integrating, growing and independently living well. Based on this, it means every single person’s wellbeing is different, no matter your physical, mental or social ability.  And you’ll have a different state of wellbeing as you’re going through different stages or phases of your life. We think by looking at your wellbeing like this gives you a chance to make plans and goals that are integrated and realistic.
  • Wellbeing is a matter of national importance. Last month New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern announced plans to the be first in the world to measure the country’s success socially, culturally and environmentally. “We want New Zealand to be the first place in the world where our budget is not presented simply under the umbrella of pure economic measures, and often inadequate ones at that, but one that demonstrates the overall wellbeing of our country and its people.”  If the purpose of public policy is to improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities, then measuring the progress of wellbeing is of public interest.
  • Wellbeing is a focus at home and work.  Recent studies are showing that over 40% of all workers are facing high stress in their jobs, which is as a result,  negatively affecting their productivity and overall wellbeing. Most organisations are now adjusting their internal reward programs to be more holistic as a strategy to improve employee retention, engagement and productivity. So given that the line between work and life are being increasingly blurred, is it the responsibility of corporates to provide wellbeing programs to their employees?

“The unboxd Wellbeing Enterprise Lab is a place where we experiment and try new ways of working at solving problems. We strive to create a centre of gravity for social impact as we scale startups in the Wellbeing sector.” – Anne-Marie Elias, unboxd Lab Manager

This month, unboxd will be welcoming its second cohort of startups to start their incubation journey. We would like to congratulate Secure Nest, Claim Right & Swarm on starting their journey through unboxd. If you would like to apply to be in the June accelerator program, send us an email here hello@disruptorshandbook.com.

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