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Siemens #Digitalize2017 Conference Recap

By Joanne Jacobs

The Siemens #Digitalize2017 Conference was held in Sydney on 30 August 2017, attracting over 400 people from across the Siemens client and partner base. The key themes included electrification – automation – digitalisation, but conversations and workshops all extended well beyond a simple interest in technology, deep diving into the complexities of the digital enterprise and large scale transformation.

Our recent work with Siemens, working with over 150 sales and solution experts in an immersive innovation event to build digital transformation capacity and co-design had brought us up close and personal with some of the industry’s leading technologists, engineers and thought leaders, and we were keen to explore more.

Showcasing the breadth of Siemens global and local capabilities, sessions covered topics as diverse as:

  • Smart cities
  • Intelligent transport
  • Future of power and energy
  • Innovation in food and beverage and manufacturing
  • Future of work
  • Future of education
  • Leadership
  • Digital literacy.

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