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Our top 5 picks from the Spark Festival 2016 Program

By Joanne Jacobs

Continuing on from the success of last year’s Startup Week Sydney, the Spark Festival is a collection of events focused on reinvigorating the Sydney innovation community. Over nine days, there will be a series of meetups, hackathons, workshops, panels and more that cover topics from health to machine intelligence to social enterprise. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or new and curious about the startup world, the Spark Festival has a program for you. We have pieced together the top five events not to miss out:


  1. Seed Money (26 October, Tank Stream Labs) – A meetup where Tech Startups looking for seed investment pitch to prospective investors.
  2. Journey of a Digital Health Startup (26 october, Swaab Attorneys) – 10 min talk and panel discussion on leading healthcare technology innovation.
  3. B2B Rocks (27 October, Australian technology Park) – The first B2B & Saas conference in Australia focused on disruptive technologies. Enter the special promo code SPARKFESTIVAL to enjoy $100 off.
  4. Sydney Design Thinking Meetup: The Startup journey of a for purpose business (27 October, Thoughtworks) – A panel discussion on the highs, lows and lessons learnt along the startup journey
  5. Top ten tips on starting a startup (28 October, GA Sydney) – free class on how to succeed as early-stage startups.

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