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Tap into these 4 Social Innovation categories to win $15k in prizes

By Joanne Jacobs

Social innovation can refer to a range of different developments, ideas and solutions that strengthen human society. Thinkable and Hitachi have teamed up to award $15k in seed funding for ideas within the categories of Smart Cities, Connected Health, Mining and Smart Agriculture. Individuals and start-ups have until 16 November, 2016 to submit their ideas.

What is your idea that can shape a better tomorrow?

Anyone can have a thought, an idea, an epiphany that can create value towards society… and nothing is better than having that thought launched globally.
Incubators aren’t the only way to accelerate your global ambition or technologically brilliant innovation. After all, it is not always easy to get a start-up accelerator or incubator to notice you and your venture amongst a crowd of seasoned entrepreneurs.

With 5 prizes to be awarded, the Hitachi Social Innovation Awards are endeavouring to unlock the thoughts, ideas and discoveries that have the potential to create an improved society. In recognition of Australia’s creative and innovative talent, the Hitachi Social Innovation Awards welcomes students, researchers, inventors and start-ups to present their ideas and projects within the scope of these four categories:

Smart Cities: Ideas, research & technologies in energy, water, environment, transport and public safety that contribute the greatest potential social impact for the cities of the future.

Connected Health: Medical devices, technology, software or research that improves social health and outcomes.

Mining: Ideas that improve the efficiency, productivity, safety or environmental impact of mining.

Smart Agriculture: ideas & technologies that improve the efficiency, productivity or environmental impact of agriculture.

Four short-listed finalists will showcase their idea at the Social Innovation Forum on December 1 2016 in front of Australia’s leading innovators and industry representatives. This event offers rare opportunities to co-create with global tech-giant Hitachi, network with the country’s most brilliant minds and leave with one of five cash prizes.

Submissions are now open. Click here to apply.

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