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Qantas Codeshare Hackathon 2016 Video

By Joanne Jacobs

Photo credit: Steven Cooper

Hackathons are the perfect events to connect business with innovators, designers with developers, and ideas with production. Building on the momentum established from the last collaboration between Qantas and the Disruptor’s Handbook, the Qantas Codeshare Hackathon 2016 offered no less excitement and success. The weekend attracted some of Australia’s most creative thinkers and developers to conspire together with a mutual goal of developing live products and solutions.

With guidance from the Disruptor’s Handbook team, Qantas identified five problematic issues for the hackers to deliberate over with a fresh approach. Hackers, hustlers and hipsters alike pooled together their skills and ideas to raise the customer experience bar. The hackathon offered a working environment for participants to develop their solutions with the advantage of subject matter expert validation and guidance from the industry-experienced mentors and the Disruptor’s Handbook team.

For those unable to attend, Qantas have put together a video capturing the weekend’s innovative environment.


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