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Startup Statistics and the Importance of Startup Muster

By Joanne Jacobs

Any startup founder will tell you that statistics are important. They will know the exact metrics that make their business successful. Or not. But the plain truth is that statistics are hard work. You need to know what to measure and when. You need to understand why certain measurements are important to your business and why others are not. The same applies to the Australian startup ecosystem.

The Startup Muster measures and publishes the progress, challenges and opportunities in the Australian startup ecosystem, in order to demonstrate and accelerate impact. It provides a vital and very useful way of gauging change in the world of startups – from demographics and interests to scalability and industry focus/expertise. It’s like the pulse of the Australian startup ecosystem – a way that we can measure the health, vitality and strength of all the startups across the country.

But Startup Muster is not just about counting startups. If you:

  • Run or are part of a startup, then you should participate in the survey
  • Are an incubator or coworking space, you should also participate in the survey
  • Fund or support startups, you too, should participate.

Even if you are just thinking of launching a startup, you should participate.

The 2015 report took place early in the year and so missed the Federal Government’s Innovation Statement. At the end of Startup Muster’s data validation, over 600 startups were confirmed across the Australian ecosystem. Will there be more this year? Will we see more women entering the ecosystem as founders or participants? Will the National Innovation and Science Agenda have made an immediate impact?

To find out, Startup Muster needs your help.

Visit the Startup Muster website and click the 2016 Survey button, answer the questions and let the data nerds to their work.

Startup Muster was founded in 2013 by Murray Hurps and Monica Wulff as a volunteer effort for the first two years, and now has the support of Google and UTS. The information you share will help shape public, private and corporate policy – and help tell the story of innovation in Australia.

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