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From Fringe Tech to a Connected World

By Joanne Jacobs

The Consumer Electronics Show in the US is a big deal. Attracting the best and brightest in startups, technology and customer facing innovation, what is shown at CES sets the benchmark for much of what follows for the year ahead. The challenge, of course, is that there is an “implementation lag” – it takes time for these innovations to flow from showcase to showroom. But the trends reveal a great deal about where product leaders are heading.

This report by 360i provides a great recap on the major trends spotted at the CES. Among them are:

  • Connected world – it’s the place where the quantified self, the smart car and the connected home meet. Not quite The Jetsons, but it is getting closer
  • Startups and fringe tech – a great way of explaining and exploring how new tech and startups are driving innovation at the edge of experience
  • Entertainment – as expected, streaming video is hot, and it’s getting crowded. Just wait until augmented and virtual reality hit their strides with new technology from Apple and Magic Leap
  • Drones, bots and photography – a couple of years ago this was the over-hyped category. Now we’re seeing consumer-grade, quality products that make your jaw drop.

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