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What Innovation Help Do You Need?

By Joanne Jacobs

My original vision for the Disruptor’s Handbook was that it would be a practical guide to digital disruption. The plan was to create useful, relevant and directed guides that would help you – the innovator, the startup entrepreneur, the change agent or intrapreneur – to focus on getting work done without having to invent the process as well as the outcome. In short – the handbooks are a tool that helps you accelerate your impact.

To make this work, I marked out four key phases of disruptive innovation maturity:

  1. Getting stuff done – gritty, hands-on guides to bootstrap your project
  2. Doing the right things – circling back and crossing the Ts and dotting the Is
  3. Getting smarter faster – time to accelerate and build on the good work so far
  4. Gaining scale gracefully – putting your house in order so that you can hand it over or exit.

Handbook 7A – Lean Marketing Plan

download-7a-leanmarketing In our work with clients, we use these handbooks to prove out their effectiveness. Over the last 12 months we have built dozens of handbooks across the four phases. We come back to these handbooks, rework and revalidate them and then prepare them for publishing. Along the way, we have created additional handbooks to fill the gaps in our project experience. For example, we are currently working on Handbook 7A – Lean Marketing Plan.

We had scheduled in the production of a Marketing Plan handbook during Phase 2 (Handbook 19) but we also realised that clients need something smaller, more agile, earlier. This is where Lean Marketing kicks in.

In the early stages, experienced marketers can run a marketing plan in their heads, but many technology driven startups and entrepreneurs don’t have that experience to draw upon. So we needed to squeeze a new handbook in between “Growth Hacking” and the “Buyer’s Journey”.

So, Handbook 7A will be available in the coming weeks.

Handbook 35 – Problems Worth Solving

download35-problems We’ve also done a lot of work systematising our problem discovery process and consulting workshops. This is particularly useful when we run hackathons for clients or help them prepare for strategy sessions and digital transformation work.

The Problems Worth Solving handbook, Strategy Work Session handbook and Asset Mapping handbook will all be available soon as well.

What Innovation Guidance Do You Need?

Thus far, the development of our handbooks has been driven by client work. We have over 40 handbooks for innovators like you in various levels of readiness. Some need tweaking, some need wholesale revalidation. But most of them can be made available quickly.

So the question is – which ones do we do first? Where do you need the most help and guidance?

Drop us an email or a comment and we’ll see what we can do.

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