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Digital Disruption: Three Lessons for Corporate Startups

Some say that “corporate startups” are an oxymoron – that you can’t have startups within corporates. But I have been establishing, building and growing these strange, hybrid businesses for well over a decade. I have had the good fortune to launch businesses for marketing agencies, technology companies like IBM and professional services firms like PwC.

There has been a wide variety in the style and shape of these businesses – some have been digital pure-plays, some have had a learning and development focus. Along the way I have learned, applied and modified various approaches and disciplines. I have borrowed from Lean and Six Sigma, the Capability Maturity Model, incorporated the thinking of Gary Hamel on core competency and innovation, the “edge thinking” of John Hagel and dozens of others.

In all instances I have been focused on finding what works in reality, not just on paper. To me a business model only works when someone pays.

All this thinking has led me to this point – to the Disruptor’s Handbook. It’s a strategy and innovation firm that looks for MARKET-PRODUCT fit not PRODUCT-MARKET fit. We work with startups and with enterprises and government. We work with organisations that want to make a difference and have committed to doing so. With this in mind, we:

  • Regularly publish thought leadership content and eBooks to establish a distinctly Australian view of innovation
  • Release client-proven toolkits and “disruptors handbooks” to guide others on their innovation journey
  • Share presentations, public speaking and more to connect the dots between corporates, startups and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives both.

This is one such presentation – a one hour workshop on the the Three Lessons that Corporates can Learn from the World of Startups. Take a few minutes, watch the presentation, then register at DisruptorsHandbook.com for our latest updates and offers.

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