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About ON Prime

CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, designed the ON Prime program to fast-track the translation of research into impactful real-world applications. ON Prime provides research teams with the skills they need to validate their ideas, work with industry, and bring their innovations to market. Disruptors Co won a competitive bid to be on the CSIRO ON Innovation programs panel, and has been invited to facilitate in the ON Prime program.

So far the Disruptors Co team has facilitated over 50 research teams to be upskilled through ON Prime programs.

“It is an honour and a privilege to work with researchers in finding new ways to extend their projects with the support of industry. Impact comes from a real collaboration between industry and research, and as facilitators, we are very fortunate to be able to witness the birth of new opportunities.” 

Joanne Jacobs

Disruptors Co

Making impact through research translation is key to Australia’s economic success. Disruptors Co is privileged to be a facilitator in the CSIRO ON Prime program, helping research teams to bring their projects out into the world and act as a force for good.


Researchers often have a single customer or a small group of customers in mind for their ideas. However, until they go out and validate that the market recognises the problem they are trying to solve, and consider how a research-based solution may be integrated into a workflow, the practicality of the solution remains questionable. In proving product-market fit, the CSIRO ON Prime program helps researchers identify industry partners and set out the future direction for their research projects.

Joanne Jacobs presenting at CSIRO ON Prime Showcase

Our Approach

Collaborative engagement

  • Worked with other facilitators to customise learning program to the unique needs of research teams.
  • Engaged with the industry community and recommended connections for researchers where appropriate.


  • Delivered individualised coaching for teams and ensured follow up on all team actions
  • Kept extensive notes on team performance and reported in accoprdance with CSIRO needs and requirements

Pitch development

  • Assisted teams in the development of their pitches for hurdle requirements and final Showcase
  • Helped with presentation skills, improving overall communication of research teams


Research teams at CSIRO ON Prime Showcase

Photo credits: Diprose Media and CSIRO

Our expertise in bridging the gap between research and industry is key to the success of the research teams participating in ON Prime. We can help research teams to better articulate the value of their ideas, and to discover markets where their solutions can generate the most impact. This approach empowers research teams to make the leap into industry contexts, driving real-world change.

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