Discovery and assessment

Social Media Readiness
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The business of social

Is social media working for your organisation? Perhaps it’s time to take a pulse check to reassess.

It’s not just marketing

Getting the most out of social media for your business means understanding how it can impact and transform your organisation. No matter whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, understanding “where you are now” is the first step towards growth.

Capability and governance

Our Social Media Readiness Assessment asks a series of questions and then emails you a snapshot report of where you are, with brief suggestions for next steps.

From strategy to planning

We help you assess your strategic mindset and approach right through to your planning processes and social media activation.

Quick assessment, actionable insights

As part of this module, you will explore the reasons for businesses needing a social media policy. We will also show you how to develop your own social media policy and how to evaluate and amend existing social media policies. We will finally provide you with a number of strategies for monitoring social media.

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